In 1989, starting with basic lighting equipment manufacture of enterprise activity, over time, turned into a global brand. "a classic 20th century light resources efficient lighting device conversion effort; have been translated into 21. century LED light sources are much more long-lasting, efficient and automation capabilities of classic forms for forming outside the function. This success, ethics and respectful to the environment, team spirit. Trained personnel and advanced technology machinery investment. Inert Lighting thanks to the production quality that world-class Middle East, U.A.E., Iran, Azerbaijan and Balkan countries.




Has anyone seen the future of LED lighting is progressing towards its innovative approach to Lighting, Dormant since 2006, with the usual lighting luminaires for use in LED LED LIGHTING. Since 2009 LED light source offering for sale by including standard products catalog with our company, that over the years should be able to use LED technology-enabled r & d studies, and has gained great experience.



Our projects in the study area as the inner space and Outer space; Hotels, shopping mall, Office, hospital, Store caters for Groups. An effective usage of commonly used product groups Downlight, surface-mounted and Recessed Spot, Ray Spot Linear Profile Lighting groups.




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